A wide range of accommodation options are available to suit your preferred lifestyle.

As a student on the 克兰菲尔德 campus you will have a wide choice of off-campus accommodation options, enabling you to immerse yourself in British culture. Experience English village life in 克兰菲尔德村,生活在充满活力的现代城市 米尔顿凯恩斯 or base yourself in the hist要么ic, riverside towns of 贝德福德 要么 纽波特帕格内尔. All locations benefit from excellent transp要么t connections to campus, with travel to London via 米尔顿凯恩斯 in 35 minutes 和 via 贝德福德 in 50 minutes.

At the 克兰菲尔德 campus there are a wide range of accommodation options, from halls of residence to shared houses, apartments for couples 和 houses for families, all managed in accordance with the Universities 联合王国/GuildHE Code of Practice f要么 University Managed Student Accommodation.


克兰菲尔德studentpad, the independent off-campus accommodation search engine, will help you find accommodation in nearby 克兰菲尔德村, 贝德福德 and 米尔顿凯恩斯. The 住宿办公室 can help with advice on a wide range of issues, including the different options available, information on the local area, sharing with other students 和 transp要么t to campus. To use 克兰菲尔德studentpad, 寄存器 然后 搜索属性 在局部地区。

关于进一步的信息是什么 克兰菲尔德村贝德福德 和 米尔顿凯恩斯 have to offer as places to live can be found on their respective 网页.

如何申请 f要么 on-campus accommodation

Once you have been offered a place on one of our full-time courses based at the 克兰菲尔德 campus, you will be eligible to apply f要么 accommodation. 

With your course offer, you will be sent a login 和 password for the student web portal (EVE) where you can apply f要么 your preferred accommodation online.

Due to the popular dem和 for on-campus accommodation, we strongly recommend that you make your application as soon as you receive your EVE login information in 要么der to secure the accommodation you desire

At 克兰菲尔德 we offer on-campus accommodation on a first come first serve basis. Applications are pri要么itised as follows:

  • Special consideration f要么 medical reasons*,
  • 新的学生,
  • 现在的学生。

* If you feel your application requires special consideration due to a medical condition, you must make us aware at the time you apply for accommodation. We will ask you to supply a current medical letter from your doctor which explains why your application for on-campus accommodation should be pri要么itised.



  • If you are accepted for a full-time course you will be able to apply for accommodation using the EVE p要么tal.
  • Due to the popular dem和 for on-campus accommodation, we strongly recommend that you make your application as soon as you receive your EVE login information in 要么der to be in with a chance of securing the accommodation you desire.

When can I move into the campus accommodation?

Your accommodation is available to you one day before your registration date. Should the 14-day quarantine guidelines remain in place, you can arrive earlier 和 we ask you to provide us with much notice as possible to ensure your room is ready f要么 your arrival.

Is there aff要么dable off-site housing nearby?

  • It can be cheaper to share private rental houses in surrounding villages with other students. 克兰菲尔德村 is just 1.5 miles from the University. 米尔顿凯恩斯 and 贝德福德 are also within easy reach, accessible by the local bus 和 taxi services. For more inf要么mation, see our 校外住宿页.
  • 访问 克兰菲尔德studentpad, the official 要玩就玩最好 student accommodation search engine, specifically aimed at helping you find off-campus accommodation.