In our laboratories at 克兰菲尔德 we are investigating new technologies and supporting the aviation industry in transforming and humanizing the passenger process, while engaging with cities to meet the challenges of the circular economy. We are working with leading airports on innovative new airport business models and the substantial reduction of emissions that are only possible by synchronising airport and urban processes.
  • 日期2015年1月 - 2020年12月(六年)
  • 赞助HEIF, Aviation & Airports 国际, further funders to be confirmed
  • 资助£65,500
  • 伙伴Airport Excellence, AiQ Consulting, AirPortr, LEITRON, planeground, Reitsema & 伙伴, Perkins+Will

Our research programme is forging the airport of tomorrow. In an unprecedented design-led study at our laboratories at 克兰菲尔德 Airport, we will reveal how airports need to address their future.  

Systematically we will deconstruct the current airport operation and movement patterns of passengers and goods to and from airports, leading to a new airport model - replacing peak-hour dominated planning by transforming airports into sustainable structures within a circular economy.

  • 而我们花费越来越多的时间旅行,住在 往返于机场的旅程之间变得 日益多样化;都市职业的新形式 发生,如共同工作的。
  • 从他们的行李中解放出来的乘客,使用 公共交通将得到鼓励。增加商业 压力和环境挑战 要求更好和更有效地利用资源。
  • 机场可采取与城市交通的价值链中更为主动的位置。 自主车将消除传统汽车 park revenues, logistic networks and replace the traditional high street. Ultimately airports will submerge within 城市集团。
  • 因此,安全控制的新形式必须解决 从浓度增加的新挑战 乘客和滑坡当地居民,作为 在布鲁塞尔,伊斯坦布尔机场最近的攻击和 莫斯科已经表示。我们的目标是让机场 参与并可能导致社会变革。

这不仅包括对新概念方法 当前运输战略中的技术,也 更快,从城市到飞机更直接地访问。





  • Simplify the passenger process within the terminal and outside, and investigate better locations for each process.
  • Detach bags from passengers – integrate baggage transport into other logistic chains and establish a new passenger end-to-end experience from departure to destination.
  • Enhance the passenger experience and re-think the journey of the passenger through sensory experiences.
  • Passengers are citizens and citizens are passengers: better utilise facilities and fill the gaps between peaks with non-aviation activities. 
  • 机场的全球零售流中的作用被重新定址的共同经验。


  • Introduce city-thinking in response to increased demand to shared ownership and shared live-work-travel arrangements, create new identities and environments.
  • Rethink airport access and conceptualise the operation of driverless cars for people travelling to and working at the airport. 
  • Inspire people with easy access to and from the airport after work and take advantage of close proximity.
  • 从下镇全程比较登机的步行距离。
  • 探索 further opportunities from tracking passengers and baggage – multichannel business between airport and city. 
  • 考虑机场作为大型的生态系统,并连接机场高速铁路线的组成部分。
  • 识别机场和当地社区和航空公司之间的协同作用。
  • 包括施工过程中的机场运营的一部分。
  • Synchronize data from commonly used open data platforms to encourage collaborative growth of airports, cities and regions.


  • 探索快登机了新的机遇。
  • 准备新一代飞机和相关的空间和组织要求机场。 
  • 考虑电动飞机和无人机,自主地面和空中交通工具的影响。
  • robotise飞机操作。



We are proud to announce that Salzburg, Austria’s largest regional airport became the first airport sponsor of the 都市透平 research project. Thank you to the team who are working very hard to support this Foundation research during unprecedented times and an unseen drop in passenger volumes.

Salzburg Airport


亨里克·罗特 was interviewed by Channel 新闻Asia Singapore on 18 May regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the design and construction of airports.

COVID-19 has shuttered the aviation industry and many airports and airlines are devastated with a sudden drop of business. The 都市透平 research project has already started to investigate how a broader spectrum of non-aeronautical revenues and coordinated planning policies can integrate airports better into the day-to-day life of cities and regions, resilient to shock waves tackling the industry in regular cycles. Thank you to Channel 新闻Asia Singapore for the opportunity to share our views.



We are looking forward to welcoming thriving researchers of future airport infrastructure and business models to our 都市透平 workshop on 13 November at 要玩就玩最好. 

The hard work in developing and promoting the 都市透平 research project in recent years has been recognised in 客运站世界 每年展示2020问题,这是由在华沙国际航空运输协会的差距和阿哲商业论坛,业内专家指出。

Mats Klevjer from airport advertising company Airmagine, with whom 亨里克·罗特 connected at a recent aviation industry forum, said: "It was interesting to see and hear how hands-on you approach the industry...I’m sure innovation and improved technology and services will help bridge the gap between the airports and their local communities." Patrick Bohl, Head of Retail and Advertising at Budapest Airport, also praised the research project, stating that it "really is fascinating."


Introducing episode 2 of the Engineers Collective - the new podcast by New Civil Engineer! This one features 亨里克·罗特 and is all about the Future of Airports 都市透平 research project and shares his thoughts on the role that airports of the future could have in connecting existing infrastructure, cities and communities. Download the podcast at //

Henrik spoke at the second Airport Access Ideas Forum in London in 2018年6月. The forum is an event designed to highlight the key challenges airports, city planners and ground transport operators need to prepare for when planning airport access for future users. Read his case study: 都市透平研究项目 - 以对机场的未来.

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